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The Johan Cruyff Institute is a powerful blend of professors, staff and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the sport business for the benefit of all athletes, sport partners, organizations and the students themselves. 


Qualifications offered

> Business & Administration PGDip, MSc, MBA > Management PGDip, MSc, MBA
Sport Management MSc Sport Marketing
> Football Business > Coaching


Postgraduate study modes

> Full-time, 12 months

> Part-time

> Distance learning


Professional Training Qualifications or Vocational Courses

> Business Administration

> Management


About Johan Cruyff Institute 

More than 8,000 students have experienced the Johan Cruyff Institute’s online, onsite and on campus learning programs. Its international presence now represents 5 Johan Cruyff Institutes (postgraduate education) in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Mexico City and Lima, 3 Johan Cruyff Academies (graduate education) and 5 Johan Cruyff Colleges (vocational training) in The Netherlands.

Academic Areas:

  • Sport Management
  • Sport Marketing
  • Sport Sponsorship
  • Football Business
  • Coaching

Academic Portfolio:

 - Master in Sport Management (in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Online)

- Official Master's Degree in Sport Management with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (in Barcelona and Online)

- Master in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship (Online)

- Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona (in Barcelona)

- Master in Football Business (in Mexico City and Lima)

- Master in Coaching (in Amsterdam)

- Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Management (in Barcelona and Online)

- Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Marketing (in Barcelona and Online)

- Postgraduate Diploma in Sponsorship (Online)

- Postgraduate Diploma in Football Business (Online)


Learning Model

Our learning programs have been designed by sport industry professionals enriched by personal experiences from faculty and students. Our programs are distinctive and tailor made for the specific needs of athletes and sports professionals. The powerful learning experience, our students go through, is boosted by our learning model which is:

- 100% Sports-oriented

- Student-centered

- Based on the principle of ‘Learning by doing‘

- Flexible, diverse and using the latest technologies

- Motivational, communicative and participative

- Adapted to each individual’s workload and availability

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