College of Europe

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About College of Europe

The College of Europe is the first and most genuinely ‘European’ of all the postgraduate university institutes of European studies, founded in 1949 by leading European figures.

Bruges (Belgium) & Natolin (Poland)

Academic departments
- European Economic Studies;
- European Legal Studies;
- European Political and Administrative Studies;
- EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies;
- European Interdisciplinary Studies

Degree awarded
Advanced Master

10 months: September-June

Working languages
English and French

Student body
450 postgraduates from over 55 countries
Average age: 26

Teaching staff
230 professors and practitioners from over 20 nationalities

A large number of whole or partial scholarships are available

Professional network of more than 10.000 alumni

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“The College of Europe has been at the heart of European integration ever since 1950. Many of its graduates have continued to important responsibilities within the European institutions. Others went back to their home-countries, bringing the ‘esprit de Bruges’ into national administrations and political systems. I am very grateful to this institution for this work.”
Herman VAN ROMPUY, President of the European Council


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